Syrris creates automated products for research and development chemists and is a world leader in flow chemistry, microreactor and automation technology.

Syrris products are used in a wide variety of applications and laboratories including process, discovery, crystallization, process safety, scale-up and many more.

Syrris products include the innovative range of fully automated batch reactor products (Atlas), a manually operated jacketed reactor platform (Globe) and flow chemistry systems (Asia and Africa). Syrris also offers the Medstere software for suggesting novel bioisosteres to lead compounds.



 Kesikli Reaktörler


Atlas - Automated Synthesis System

Atlas is a high performance, automated synthesis system that is flexible and truly easy to use. The intelligent base can be configured to control one or many reactions at scales from μl to 5 litres in vials, flasks or jacketed reactors. Adding Atlas PC software makes Atlas a fully automated laboratory reactor.


Reaction Calorimeter - Heat Flow and Power Compensation Calorimetry

The Atlas Calorimeter is high performance, excellent value and easy to use. Using either Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) or Power Compensation Calorimetry (PCC), Atlas can generate power and enthalpy graphs at the click of a button.



Sürekli Akış Reaktörleri

Asia - Fast, Clean, Safe Flow Chemistry

Asia is the new modular flow product designed by Syrris. This easy-to-use system offers maximum chemical resistance with an extensive range of temperatures, pressures, and reaction times. Asia enables a wide range of chemical reactions with different level of automation.


Africa Automated Flow Chemistry Systems

Africa is a fully automated, flexible and easy-to-use microreactor flow chemistry system. The Africa system allows R&D chemists working in discovery and process development to accelerate compound synthesis and reaction optimization.


frx flow chemistry toolkit

FRX is a modular flow chemistry or micro reactor system with mg-kg scale preparation, solid-phase reagents and aqueous workup. FRX offers fast, clean and safe reactions. FRX makes microfluidics understandable and affordable.

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